City of New York says it will appeal judge’s decision to overturn soft drink ban

The City of New York was the first American city to ban the sale of large-sized sugary soft drinks. Now NYC and its mayor, Michael Bloomberg, say they plan to appeal the decision by a judge this week to overturn the ban.

In his ruling,the Manhattan judge said this type of drinks ban was not in the purview of city regulators. Bloomberg, however, believes the consumption of sugary drinks larger than 16oz sizes, which can contain as much as half a day’s recommended calories for some people, are a massive drain on the city’s healthcare services due to the illnesses drinking them can cause.

New York City has a rising obesity rate, particularly among children. Obesity causes diabetes, strokes and heart disease with many studies now showing sugary soft drinks are a big contributor to the reason so many millions of Americans are now classified as obese. The soft drinks ban instituted by Mayor Bloomberg was one step towards trying to curb the increase of the number of New Yorkers becoming obese.

The American Beverage Association (ABA), however, backs the judge’s ruling. That alone is making some people question how healthy those drinks can be if an organization like the ABA cares more about the amount of drinks they sell and, thus, the money they make, than the health of the people drinking them

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