Lunar landing on the dark side of the moon: a small step for China’s big ambitions

China has achieved a feat this week by achieving the first lunar landing on the far side of the moon, a giant leap for the Chinese Space Agency, which does not hide its ambitions.

For the astrophysicist Robert Lamontagne, this is a feat that propels China into the big leagues of space missions, alongside the Americans and Russians.

The Chinese Space Agency had been preparing this mission for several months. To make it possible, Mr. Lamontagne indicates that it was necessary to launch a satellite which would serve as relay for the probe, as there was no communication possible with the hidden face of the Moon.

“It’s a blind landing, it’s like a pilot who has to land using only the instruments, without seeing the runway, it’s the same kind of technique.”

This feat will lead to important research on the unknown side of the moon and nourishes the ambition of the young agency.

“In the next three to five years, China plans to send men to the moon for short stays, such as those made by NASA at the time of the Apollo missions. Ultimately, their goal is to install astronaut colonies that would remain on the moon for long missions, much like David Saint-Jacques in the International Space Station.”

In 20 years they want to launch missions to Mars.

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