The CDC Wants You To Stop Snuggling Your Hedgehog

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.(CDC) has warned about the outbreak of a strain of salmonella in eight states of the country, linked to hedgehogs maintained domestically.

According to the statement, 11 people from 8 states have been infected with the infectious disease caused by this bacterium, and 10 of the patients reported having been in contact with these small animals recently. In addition, the strain was found in samples collected from three hedgehogs in two patient houses. A person who contracted the infection had to be hospitalized.

As a result of this outbreak, the CDC published recommendations so that the owners of these pets can stay healthy.

In particular, they recommended always washing their hands after contact with these animals or their habitat; keep them away from the kitchen and other areas with food; as well as “not kissing or hugging them”, because that way salmonella germs can spread to the face and mouth of a person.

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