T1 Tact Watch Valentine’s Day Commercial Debuts, Cute Smartwatch Commercial

T1 Tact Watch

If you’re a user of Facebook or Instagram, you’ve probably seen the latest smartwatch brand trend subconsciously.   The T1 Tact watch brand has made their quirky presence known on the two social media giants. Today the swanky brand debuted their Valentine’s Day commercial, starring two Red Pandas.

A 10-second commercial, it’s quick but grabs the attention of anyone who sees the thumbnail or preview animation.  It features two Red Panda bears high-fiving before having a friendly romp-around in the snow. The emotions of happiness are clear as the two animals frolic around on frozen, white earth.

As the two Red Pandas play,  a voice over raises a question to viewers.

“Is Your Valentine’s Day Gift Worth a High Five?”   

If it’s not, the T1 Tact smartwatch brand offers a solution.    The perfect gift for a man on Valentine’s day is the T1 Tact.

With a few thousand views since it’s launch on YouTube and Facebook, it’s slowly catching fire on the web.   A creative way to market on social media, the brand’s clearly keen to how people are finding product in 2019.

What’s this tactical wristwear cost for a Valentine’s Day gift?

The smart watch costs a simple $69.99, but limited quantities make it perfect for a lover’s holiday.   Most men enjoy a stylish smart watch as it’s needed for work and play. This particular timepiece features a sleuth of features that range from your basic calendar dates and an alarm, all the way up to a pedometer and social media messaging app.

Is there a discount for Valentine’s Day?

Yes, there is a promotional code.  On Facebook, T1 Tact Watch brand is offering a $5-off discount on the next 25 orders.   Use the code “t1love” at checkout and enjoy the markdown.

Watch the Valentine’s day commercial below, here on Spot Next.

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