Field Twin in the Oil Industry

The oil industry is one of the most lucrative industries in the world. The emergence of big data could transcend the way these oil companies operate.

Big data provides a way for analysts to correctly decide the best course of action depending available information. The extremely high accuracy of big data can secure an oil company’s growth, regardless of changes in oil consumption.

Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible for any analyst to interpret big data in its raw form. Field Twin visualization software has been developed to counter such issue, making analysis easier for whoever needs it. It works by changing ones and zeros to information that follows the activity of offshore operations.

The Field Twin software works using user interface. Most of the initial developers had prior experience in the gaming industry, so they applied the same process in making the software.

With Field Twin, it’s possible to remove humans from dangerous offshore locations, remotely controlling the activities. Field Twin has to work with big data, so it’s up to the company to use such data effectively. In other words, companies that produce large amounts of data from operations in the field, and stores it well, will be at an advantage.

The software is on the verge of becoming the recognized program for oilfield visualization software’s. Hopefully, every company can be flexible enough to utilize it.

This will require the integration between company data and Field Twin data. At the end of the day, it would take about six months to fully bring the oil company on board.

The oil company would be able to use the software immediately after it’s been open, but full synergy should take about six months. The reason for this time scale is that different companies in the oil industry have a specific set of data. After all the information is received, then optimum quality operation is guaranteed.

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