The Future of Field Operations and Digital Data

Digitalization is without a doubt the way to do business in the present day. Every single company out there relies on its database and expert systems, which can be tricky at times since many aspects have to be taken in consideration. There are files, size, programs, installation and operation procedures that make it difficult to tackle because of ignorance in all those areas. All that hassle can be avoided with FieldTwin, which is an identical digital copy of a company’s physical assets and it enables producers to maximize its value and administration.

The way FieldTwin operates is by visually representing definite assets as warnings or notifications when set specifications are outreached. Clients experience safer and more responsive operating conditions, reducing risks, and better maintaining the endurance and integrity of field equipment. In addition to that, the asset examination, maintenance and adjustment programs become more powerful. It implements data-driven fixing to improve task operation, increase data usability and accessibility.

FieldTwin also creates value over the existence of the field. A precise digital reproduction of a field can see a field de-manned, as physical operators are not necessary, taking people out of dangerous offshore environments. It relies on a client adequately managing its data. This means that a corporation that produces a lot of data from its field and collects it in a simple accessible manner will have an advantage over less knowledgeable data companies.

As of now, FieldTwin is spread out and operating in real-world fields and early reports show that it has reduced pre-FEED field planning time and investment by at least 60%. All stakeholders can recognize the same information at the same time. As more customers come on board, more resources and information will be available on stream. Subject matter experts can engage to bring their special knowledge to make more impact on a project’s outcome.

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