Best Ad Blockers Apps To Use On Android


In order for it to get rid of the ads you eagerly want to get rid of, a modified hosts file is used by the app, so all ad requests are sent to To make it easier for you to understand, the request goes nowhere, so you do not see the ads. Custom or modified host files are supported by the app which also provides you with some you could download. The app works for free which is excellent, but it does not mean it does not have disadvantages. One of the would be that you can’t download the files from Play Store, but from F-Droid, and you need root access.

Adblock Plus

You might have already heard of this ad blocker app thanks to its popularity. It works on both non-rooted and rooted devices, on the first ones their owners needing to take a few more steps. The web traffic is filtered by the app which runs in the background which makes it similar to a web browser extension. All you need to do it to open it and set it up, and it will do its job.


This app is not that popular, but it is worth trying. It gets rid of ads using Adblock Plus’ way, filtering the web traffic and running in the background. You can use it if your device is not rooted, but, again, you will need to take a few more steps.  The app provides a free version which can only be used in browsers. If you want it for your Mac computer or Windows PC, you will need the premium version which costs $24.99 monthly.

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