Best Drone For Beginners: Tello vs. Spark

DJI is currently offering two starting drones in the form of the Tello and Spark. The Tello offers a great handling experience, camera quality, and performance for $99. At $399 the Spark is bigger, packing a robust GPS and a lovely HD camera. The guide aims to make a side-by-side comparison that will help you to choose the right model.

Looks and size

Both drones are portable and small. The petite Tello measures 89x 92.5x 41 mm and weighs a mere 80 grams. Its larger brother measures 143x 143x 55 mmm weighting 300 grams.

Built to last

DJI is one of the most reputable drone manufacturers, and that can be seen when we are looking at the Spark and Tello.

The Spark was designed to be a great device for the casual user, but the relatively hefty price tag may be a bit intimidating. The Tello serves as the starting point for many enthusiasts, allowing users to taste the DJI quality before they decide to opt for a bigger model.

Flying times

The Tello can fly for 13 minutes while the Spark can last for 16 minutes. The numbers may not seem to be too impressive, but these are some of the longest flight times for their price segments. Keep in mind that flight times are also influenced by weather and wind intensity.

Speed demon

The Spark uses brushless motors that allow it to reach a maximum speed of 31 mph. The brushed motors of the Tello are significantly weaker, but 16 mph is still more than enough for a mini-drone.

Smile for the camera

DJI Spark sports a 12MP camera that can shoot HD videos, panoramic pictures, and 360 degrees images. The camera is stabilized with the help of a two-axis gimbal system. At 5 MP the camera featured on the Tello can capture 720p videos, and the digital image stabilization feature is quite helpful.

Far away

Both drones have a maximum range of 100 meters when they are controlled with a smartphone or a Bluetooth controller. Spark owners can buy a special remote which increases the range to 2000 meters.


Each drone has its advantages. It’s up to you to choose the right one for your needs.

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