Wisconsin Child Dies After Developing The Flu

The first pediatric flu death was recently recorded in Wisconsin. Unfortunately, more cases might follow in the future, and health officials are trying to explain just how important prevention is. The child who passed away in Wisconsin had not been vaccinated.

“This death in Wisconsin of a pediatric patient was just a wake-up call to everybody,” said Dr. Lyn Ranta, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. “Make sure your child is vaccinated, make sure they stay healthy, they are well fed and well nourished and sleep well. Be careful about exposure to all germs. Make sure they are hand-washing.”

Sadly, there is a lot of false information going around and more and more parents choose not to vaccinate their children. The anti-vax wave is gaining more popularity and it has already started claiming its victims. If parents don’t make a change, they will put their children at risk.

Serious danger

It appears that influenza hit hard this year. It is very important the children are vaccinated. “Particularly any of our young patients who have chronic health conditions such as asthma, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, diabetes, those patients are at higher risk,” said Dr. Ranta, a pediatrician for Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

Dr Ranta also explained that certain people are more vulnerable and it is the adults’ duty to protect them. “This would be people with immune suppression like cancer other people who have chronic health conditions, 24 one of the high-risk groups is someone who is pregnant or just given birth,” she explained.

Prevention remains the best way to stay safe and vaccines are recommended. “We know that influenza is particularly helpful in preventing severe infection and hospitalization. There is still vaccine available in the community,” Dr. Ranta said.

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