Fortnite Overtime Challenge: New Tips and Tricks

There’s a new batch of four Overtime challenges right now in Fortnite, and if you complete 13 of them you will get a free season 8 battle pass, so you might want to do that in the next week, two at most. We find this challenge interesting because it asks you to visit different kinds of waterfalls that can be found around the map. You know you’ve probably seen them, but can you name seven different ones and also do you know the exact location? The answer is probably no, and here is where we come.

Where can I find the waterfalls?

There is also one of the South East of the map where a smaller river runs off the cliff. There’s one that’s draining into a small lake between the Paradise Palms and the Fatal Fields. There is also one that’s above Lonely Lodge. There are three mini waterfalls that can be found inside Loot Lake that are draining into the center. There’s only one waterfall at the south end of Loot Lonely that is going into the river.

Do the mini-waterfalls count?

We are not sure if those mini waterfall count and if they don’t, there are exactly seven waterfalls on the map. To make a long story short, we would go to Loot Lake and see if we can get 4 of them right now. However keep in mind that this does not work in the playground, so you’ll have to do it during an actual game.

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