Pokémon Go Refreshes an Interesting event with New Ideas

Pokémon Go players are in for a treat this Saturday as they will be able to catch a new and exciting Pokémon. Clamperl is one of the Gen 3 Pokémon that weren’t included in the games because its evolution mechanic was deemed to be overly complicated.

Players will participate in an event which is similar to the recent Feebas Day. Completing different tasks will give players an improved chance to catch both normal and shiny versions of Pokémon like Wilmer and Krabby. It was also announced that Double Stardust would be active for Water-type Pokémon that are caught during the event and the players will be able to obtain more candy that can be spent to evolve their recently-acquired Pokémon.

At this point is not known if a shiny version of Clamperl will be available. Niantic has declared that the evolution mechanic will be changed and those that aren’t lucky enough to find it during the event will have a chance to find it in the wild.

In the usual Pokémon games, players can choose if Clamperl will evolve into a Huntail or Gorebyss by picking a specific evolution item. In the case of Pokémon go it will evolve randomly (a decision that will save valuable inventory space in the long run).

Niantic may opt to change the structure of the quests to make them more accessible for the community, but that remains to be seen. Clamperl will require lots of candy to evolve, and player feedback will be taken into consideration when it comes to the creation of future events.

While some aspects of the Feebas even weren’t very popular among fans, it is important to appreciate that the developer is interested in expanding and improving the experience, instead of recycling existing events over and over again.

The popular augmented-reality title was released back in 2016, and it remains one of the most smartphone games.

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