GTA 5 Online Gets an Update for all Platforms

A Doomsday and some exciting new gear will be available for players thanks to a new GTA 5 Online update.

The bid news this week is that if players want to score RP payloads and 2X GTA$ they can launch into one of the Doomsday Heistfinales.

If you have seen the newest vehicle added to the game and you want to have it, you will need to save up for it. But do not worry because this is a big sweet bonus for you.

At the Legendary Motorsport, you will see that the Principe Deveste Eight is available now at the hefty price of $1,795,000.

The first foray of Principe into the 4-wheeled market, its release, will be marked by the fact that GTA Online gamers also have the chance to claim, just by logging in, a Principe Black T-shirt.

If saving up and grabbing this new vehicle are your goals, then we provide you with a list of the Doomsday activities you must try.


Under the Satellite Relay Station rush to an IAA base in the desert. Foreign agents are trying to hack the servers of the government, and you need to stop their attacks.


Launch an operation on a foreign submarine lurking off the coast.

Find a foreign submarine lurking off the coast and launch an operation. One team holds off the enemy agents in an aircraft above so another team boards through an airlock and disables the submarine.


Some wrong people got their hands on a Missile Launch Base. Clear out the base by storming it, stop the launch of the warhead and the day is saved.

Beginning with this Saturday on 23rd of February and ending on this Sunday on 24th of February, if you play GTA online at any point this weekend you will become eligible for the final and the 4th GTA $250K bonus of the month.

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