Galaxy Fold vs. TCL: The War of Foldable Phones Is Here

This year’s Mobile World Congress phone trade show had a highly anticipated theme: foldable phones.

Last week, Samsung held its own event to present the Galaxy Fold. Then at the MWC, other companies were ready to show off their own folding phones: Huawei announced the Mate X and TCL teased some affordable folding phone concepts. Will they steal Samsung’s thunder? Let’s see the Galaxy Fold and the specs and features it comes with and if TLC has a chance against it or not.

Galaxy Fold vs. TCL: Specs, Features and More

TLC only showed some prototypes at MWC, and we are curious if they will actually turn into devices or not. Meanwhile, The Galaxy Fold is a finished product that will launch on April 26.

Galaxy Fold Short Overview

According to reviewers, the Galaxy Fold is a very exciting phone.

It folds like a book and comes with a narrow cover display of 4.6 inches. The inside screen unfolds and becomes a 7.3-inch tablet.

The Galaxy Fold has six cameras: three on the back, two inside and one on the cover, all specs of the camera match the new Galaxy S10 which was also revealed at Samsung Unpacked.

It packs an Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 and has 12 GB RAM with internal storage of 512 GB.

The Fold comes with Android 9.0 and Samsung One UI which works perfectly as the device unfolds, also coming with split screen possibility for three apps and a lot of cool features.

As for other features, you get a fingerprint sensor on the right side of the device; it has fast charging and wireless charging. The battery is of 4,380mAh.

You can get the phone with AT&T and T-Mobile for $1,980, starting with April, 26.

TCL Incoming Foldable Phone – Three Concepts

The Chinese maker behind Alcatel and Blackberry came at MWC with prototypes of foldable phones, but they might become a reality next year. At the congress, the concepts were displayed behind glass, so nobody actually held them. They even insisted on not taking photos or videos of them, which is weird.

However, we found out from CNET that one foldable concept uses the same folding approach like the Galaxy Fold, but the screen on the cover is missing – and it is replaced with LED lights that show the time. TLC also included magnetic ends that will keep that device closed.

Another fold concept turns a phone into a watch, reminding us of those slap bracelets from the 90s. The third concept shows a tall device that will fold almost in half, leaving a strip of display on the top to show data and content. Folding it, the phone will look like a billfold.

Considering there are no other details from these concepts, and we only know how they will look, the foldable phones from TCL are impressive and should be released next year at a price 30% less than the Galaxy Fold.

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