iPhone XL: Everything We Know About Release Date, Specs, Features

Apple is getting ready to release their iPhones for 2019, and although there are a lot of months until we see them officially revealed, there are a ton of rumors and speculations about specs and features based on Apple’s vision and trends in the past. Here is everything we know about the iPhone XL – called like this because of the 6.5-inch screen, or the iPhone 11 or iPhone X Plus.

Apple to Release Three iPhones in 2019

Similar to what we saw last year, Apple might release three iPhones – two with OLED screen and one with an LCD screen as a cheaper model. The first one from the two with OLED displays will be the flagship, so it’s undoubtedly going to be the next-gen iPhone X with a screen size of 5.8 inches and the second one will be the Plus version, with a bigger screen – 6.5 inches.

KGI analyst Ming Chi Kuo argues that Apple will no longer produce the iPhone X starting this summer, so the 6.1 inches iPhone from 2018 should replace its role.

iPhone 2019 Expectations, Rumors, Release Date

Apple will surely come up with new features, new designs, and colors for the next iPhones, and we should see them improve in terms of speed, performance, screen resolution, battery life, better hardware, cameras and so on.

A Japanese site showed some features that could be seen in iPhone XL.

Ming Chi Kuo also said that the 6.5-inch version would come in black, white, and maybe gold, and the 6.1 LCD iPhone will have a chassis in more different colors – gray, white, blue, red, and orange.

As for the release date, usually, iPhones were presented in special events in the first Tuesday or Wednesday of September. However, Apple could always shift from that day as a new marketing strategy.

Leaks of the design show that all the phones will have an edge to edge screen display. The LCD iPhone will only come with one back camera sensor, the others with a dual camera setup. All 2019 iPhones have a notch like the iPhone X and similar design – the only thing setting them apart is a different size. However, rumors have it that the LCD version will come with bigger bezels.

Touch ID might be phased out starting with this year’s models, so iOS 12 will come with further improvements for Face ID. Apple has already begun working on 3D facial sensors and will surely include the feature to its entire 2019 lineup.

iPhone XL Specifications, Features, Prices

The iPhone XL should come with the latest A series processor, the most powerful, fastest and efficient chipset.

The OLED models will come with two cameras on the back and 4 GB RAM. The bigger model will come with a bigger battery, and at least one iPhone will have a dual Sim feature.

Considering the iPhone X is water resistant and can be kept underwater at a depth of 1 meter for half an hour, this year’s line up should get the same rating, and the iPhone XL could be improved or even be waterproof.

Ming Chi Kuo expects to see the 5.8 inches at $700-$800, 6.1 inches at $600-$700 and the 6.5 inches at $999.

We’ll have to wait until September and see which rumors turn out to be true.

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