OnePlus 7 Won’t Get Wireless Charging Because It’s “Far Inferior”

OnePlus makes smartphones with flagship features at reasonable prices, but one thing OnePlus 7 won’t have is wireless charging. Although a feature heavily encountered nowadays, OnePlus decides not to add it just because they think it is not worth it.

Why OnePlus 7 Will Not Have Wireless Charging

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau said in an interview at MWC 2019 that “OnePlus charging is one of the best,” and that “wireless charging is far inferior.”

We get it, it is not as good as wired charging, but why not include the convenience of having the wireless option? You have everything made of glass, allowing wireless charging, but don’t add it because it’s inferior? That is not even a real excuse.

Wireless charging has evolved and can now easily transfer 10-15 watts of power instead of 5 watts. However, the OnePuls CEO thinks that is not enough. Well, compared to the latest OnePlus phone which features Warp Charge and sends 30W of power, the 10-15 is incredibly low, but why not also make wireless charging an extra option?

OnePlus is looking for a way to improve wireless charging and then add it in its next flagship. Lau stated at MWC that the company is working on making wireless charging better and reducing the heat, but explained that the feature does not yet have a date for when it could be introduced.

OnePlus 5G Prototype to Be Released in Europe

At MWC, OnePlus also showed off their 5G smartphone prototype which will be available in Europe in this year’s second quarter. Unfortunately, the crew at Cnet could not touch it and take a better look, as it was under a glass display, and the CEO did not want to show them the prototype he was carrying with him. Hopefully, we’ll learn more about it in the following months.

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