GTA 6 Rumors Start with New Rockstar Games Job Listings

We think it’s safe to say that GTA 6 is one of the most highly anticipated games in the world. After releasing GTA 5, Rockstar Games said that it wants to take a break from working on the GTA franchise and focus on other titles. Eight years have passed and Rockstar Games created Red Dead Redemption 2 in that time which means that the game developer is free to return to its crown jewel, GTA 6.

GTA 6 is Coming Soon

Even though Rockstar Games has yet to announce that GTA 6 is coming soon, we already know that the development phase for the game has already started. The reason why we are so confident is because Rockstar Games has listed a bunch of job openings that make it loud and clear that the game developer wants to expand its team in order to create its best game yet.

Now that we talked about the new job openings listed by Rockstar Games, let’s actually go over them and see what staff the game developer wants to employ for GTA 6 so that we can get an idea of how massive the GTA 6 project really is.

New York City Studio:

  • Facial Animation R&D Programmer;
  • Animation R&D Programmer;
  • Animation Programmer.

San Diego Studio:

  • Facial Animation R&D Programmer;
  • Senior Graphics Programmer;
  • Physics Programmer;
  • Procedural Animation Programmer;
  • Gameplay Programmer;
  • Senior Network Programmer;
  • Networking Gameplay Programmer;
  • Multiplayer Programmer;
  • Junior Engine Programmer;
  • Junior Animation Programmer.

Toronto Studio:

  • Procedural Animation Programmer;
  • Junior Animation Programmer;
  • Gameplay Programmer;
  • Senior Graphics Programmer;
  • Senior Physics Engine Programmer;
  • Facial Animation R&D Programmer;
  • Senior Gameplay Programmer.

New England Studio:

  • Graphics Programmer;
  • Engine Programmer;
  • UI Programmer;
  • AI Programmer;
  • AI Code Content Developer;
  • Dev Assistant – Code;
  • Engine Automation Programmer.

India Studio:

  • Lead Programmer.

North Studio:

  • Gameplay/AI Programmer;
  • Junior Gameplay/AI Programmer;
  • Animation Programmer;
  • Graphics Programmer;
  • Senior Graphics Programmer;
  • Camera Programmer;
  • Physics Programmer;
  • Senior Physics Programmer.

Leeds Studio:

  • Senior Graphics Programmer;
  • Development Support – Programming;
  • Junior Engine Programmer.


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