Sony Killed PlayStation Vita Production Line

Sony has announced that PlayStation Vita is now officially dead. The console was released back in December 2011 and now, Sony has decided that it was time to cease production on the remaining version of the console. Although, this doesn’t really come as a surprise to anyone since Sony keeps offering other consoles which are much more powerful than PlayStation Vita and therefore, no one really has a reason to buy PlayStation Vita.

Imminent Demise

As we previously mentioned, PlayStation Vita’s demise was imminent. The first sign that showed us that Sony is looking to stop producing anymore PlayStation Vita units was when the games released for the console stopped being supported by the PlayStation Plus subscription service.

Will There Be Any Replacements?

Sony fans who enjoyed playing games on PlayStation Vita asked the Japanese based tech giant if they should expect to see a new replacement coming soon, and unfortunately Sony said that it doesn’t have any plans to release a new and upgraded version of PlayStation Vita.

The PlayStation Store Still Works for PlayStation Vita

We should mention that people who have already purchased PlayStation Vita in the past can still purchase games from the PlayStation Store. Sony announced that this is the only type of support that its going to give PlayStation Vita.

Handheld Gaming

From the looks of it, the handheld gaming market is no longer active. The only company who still manages to have success when it comes to handheld gaming is Nintendo with its Switch console. Although, this is a hybrid console and it can be docked to the TV for a premium gaming experience.

Smartphones have gotten more and more powerful with each year and this removes the need of buying a handheld gaming console. Smartphones can run incredible games and people who love mobile game don’t need anything else other than an iOS or Android-powered smartphone.

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