Days Gone Senior Animator Reveals Exciting Details

Days Gone was announced back in 2016 during the E3 event and it managed to steal the spotlight from all other games that were revealed at the same time. Days Gone is the dream game for everyone who loves the zombie fantasy and the idea of having to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. Even though there are many other games that do this, Days Gone is going to take things to the next level.

Nonetheless, Days Gone is scheduled to launch on April 26th and Emmanuel Roth who is the senior animator for the game did an interview with the folks at Pedestrian. Therefore, today we are going to pick apart everything that the senior animato said in order to get a glimpse of what’s to come.

Meet Deacon

Emmanuel Roth started the interview by saying “We want to tell you a big story where something really bad happened to Deacon”.  For those who didn’t pay too much attention to the E3 panel, Deacon is the game’s lead protagonists and he is a rather…interesting fella. Deacon is a biker outlaw who met a girl that changed his life.

Make Hard Choices

The most exciting about Days Gone is the fact that this is not your typical “zombie blaster” game. Players are going to get immersed in the story and they will even need to make hard choices at time such as picking between which characters to save for example.

Here is what Emmanuel Roth had to say about the choices will make in game: “It’s not like we’re doing a multi-choice ending, there is an ending with the story, but the way you approach an element in the story, yes, it has some importance. But I’m not saying it’s branching, we not doing branching, we have one story to tell.”

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