HTC U11, U11+, and U12+ Gets Android Pie with New Improvements

After making an appearance at MWC 2019, sharing new products like the VIVE Focus Plus and the HTC 5G Hub, the company has just announced that they are working on Android 9 Pie update. Even the slowest phone makers like Samsung, Huawei or Asus, have updated most of their flagships to the latest Android operating system.

We can all agree that it’s a bit too late for that, considering Android Q is just a couple of months away from being revealed at Google’s I/O.

Although HTC is not a big player in the phone market, it still has impressive hardware that really needs the update.

Android 9 Pie Status for U11, U11+, and U12+

Last time HTC announced something about Android 9 Pie upgrade was in August 2018, when they released the list with the phones eligible for the update. However, until a few hours ago, everything about the update was quiet.

The Android One U11 model from HTC has been running Android 9 Pie since November 2018, but more phones will get updated in Q2. The announcement was made on Twitter:

“We wanted to share the status on the Android 9 update. HTC is currently working on ensuring the update is compatible with our phones & we anticipate a release for U11, U11+ & U12+ customers starting Q2’19. Exact timing defers to operators’ availabilities in different countries.”

We have a chance to see Android 9 Pie on these phones, at least before the next Android is revealed this May at the Google’s I/O developer event. We might see Android 9 Pie released for U11, U11+, and U12+ early next month or as late as June.

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