Opera Browser for Android 51 will Now Include VPN

Opera for Android 51 was announced by Opera one month ago with the novelty that it will come with the virtual private network for free.

After one month of testing the new version of VPN with beta users, Opera is now sure and confident that everyone can use the new service.

The SVP Opera for Android, Peter Wallman, says that we already have over 650 millions of people that use the VPN services. So starting from now, using Opera will be safer, with no-log service and extra online privacy.

Because of the VPN service on Opera’s browser, the risk of stealing information is lower. When you connect to a free, public network, other users can access your data. But with a VPN shield, you are safe.

Another advantage to enabling your VPN is the fact that you can reduce tracking. How is that working for you? A virtual IP address will take the place of your actual IP address. It will be hard for websites to track your location and identity.

With the new VPN service for Android, Opera could gain back some lost users, because the other browsers don’t have this kind of feature. Names like Chrome, Apple Safari, UC Browser or Samsung dominate browsing according to specialists. However, Opera is coming back fast and furious with the latest changes from last year and the VPN for Android.

At the moment, the company has more than 320 million users for all their services around the globe. We still don’t know if Opera will plan to add the VPN feature on its iOS browser.

The new version of Opera with free VPN can be found on Google Play starting from now, and it will be released gradually across the globe.

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  1. How secure is there VPN? Also, how’s the service. I remember I trying their VPN when they newly launched it but very soon I returned to my Ivacy VPN subscription because Opera VPN didn’t work for me. It has connection issues at that time, used to take too much time in connecting, sometimes it didn’t even connect.

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