GTA 6 Believable Rumors – What’s New?

GTA 5 is celebrating its sixth anniversary, and Rockstar hasn’t broken their silence regarding GTA 6.

All we know now is coming from rumors and speculations, but the most discussed subject is the fact that GTA 6 will have multiple protagonists. It’s not surprising if we consider that GTA 5 offered three options to choose (Michael, Franklin, and Trevor), but this time we think that we’re having only two protagonists, male and female.

Also, an interesting rumor is that Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling could voice the two protagonists from GTA 6. Please take this information with some skepticism, because Rockstar had never adopted in his games series the idea of bringing Hollywood symbols. The company wants to maintain immersion on players. We could look at Death Stranding and Norman Reedus voice, it had started to experience some displeasures from some fans.

Moreover, it seems that the male and female protagonist will be opponents. Maybe one will be the cop, and the other will be a criminal.

Nevertheless, the players still have the option to control both characters in the story.

Other rumors indicate that GTA 6 could come in a native VR support. That could be very interesting for GTA fans and players because the game world will have more excellent details filled in.

Finally, when it comes to the release date of GTA 6, there are many speculations. We can be sure of one thing, GTA 6 won’t be launched this year. Analysts say that they hinted the launching for the next generation of the console at the same time with the game. That means somewhere between 2020 and 2021. Even game analyst Michael Pachter is optimistic, suggesting us a 2020 announcement too and 2021 release. Most not forget the tendency that the company has for delaying their games for high standards of quality.

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