Unknown Browser Tips – What Can You Expect?

We know the use of the Web browser, of course. We gain access to the internet; we search for the information we need, and that’s all. But our web browsers can do much more than that.

Even if you are using your Web browser on a computer, or a mobile application, tech people say that this tool can be used for a lot more purposes.

What feature can you use and try on all the popular browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini, or Microsoft Edge?

First of all, the developer tool is available on all the browsers and can be used only on the desktop. It depends on the type of browser you are using, but Chrome and Firefox are using common practice.

Using the feature “Inspect Elements,” you can choose a list of actions you wish to achieve. You will see a list of tabs like Network, Sources, Performance and Timeline, Console. Also, if you want to know more, the Developer Tool can help you understand how your browser is consuming RAM.

Second of all, you can reduce data usage. For the data usage, many people use Opera Mini, but this browser comes with a limitation. But with Chrome Data saver extension you can enjoy a similar experience. To enable it for Android, go to the settings tab, and toggle the Data Saver option.

What about playing games and music? If you don’t have a dedicated music player, you can drag a song to your browser, and it will play automatically. It’s not the same experience as in the app, of course.

If you get bored and your internet connection is low, or it doesn’t exist, Chrome has a game for you. Chrome Dinosaur is playable offline, by over 270 Millions players on desktop and mobile.

Finally, you can read PDF’s on your browser. Even if it is a rarely used feature, it can be a useful tool. After you download your PDF, you have an option where you can open in a new tab the document and have other choices.

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