Cloud-Based Gaming is the New Future – Cloud-Stadia Gets New Features

With the upward curve in the game industry, the onset of 5G, Cloud-based gaming will eliminate the investment in hardware.

That means that games like “Call of Duty,” “Counter-Strike”, “Assassin’s Creed,” or “Fortnite” are contributing already to sales of $135 billion globally, and over $890 million in India only last year.

In this regard, Google has introduced this month its own Cloud-Stadia. The goal is to help the developers to create games without depending on hardware and computing. So they could design, write and run the games directly on the Cloud-based infrastructure of Google’s data centers. Also, Stadia will come with a game controller, and it’s named after the platform.

Moreover, the Cloud-gaming is realized like the one for videos or file streaming. Is it required a high-speed Internet connection instead so you can experience the gaming arena they want to provide. But the transition from hardware to Cloud gaming will take time and advanced technology for the game area.

However, the Cloud-gaming could be accelerated in three to four years by the new technologies like Extended Reality (XR) that runs on 5G. Also, for the transition, they will make favorite games available on the game streaming service.

Nevertheless to say is that mobile phones are the most common devices used for games. This device has become the most preferred ways of downloading and playing games.

Jaheer Abbas, the Senior Regional Director of South East Asia and India, from Limelight Network, has declared that it will become a serious need to transfer data to the cloud services.

This trend is making the social network giants to developed their one Cloud-based gaming and dedicates them on their platform. We are talking about Facebook, Snapchat, Youtube, who are trying to increase the user-engagement.

On the other hand, Apple is promising over 100 new games on the Apple Arcade platform, part of the App Store for iOS devices.

With Cloud-based games services like Google Stadia or Apple Arcade and the in-app games from social networking, the trend of brands merchandising will be eliminated.

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