Google Duplex Is Now Rolling Out to Non-Pixel Smartphones in the US

One of the best things about using an Android powered smartphone is the fact that you will get access to Google Assistant. This is Google’s personal AI (artificial intelligence) assistant and it is renowned for offering a plethora of features that make it much better than Apple’s Siri. Not just that, but the Android parent is always improving the performances of Google Assistant through new updates and features.

Google Duplex

Google announced back during its I/O 2018 event that a new feature called Google Duplex is going to make it easier for Android users to call restaurants or businesses in order to schedule appointments or reserve a table via Google Assistant.

The highlight feature of Google Duplex is the fact that it has a robot which will call the business and talk to the employee. This is really innovative and luckily, Google has started rolling out the new Google Duplex feature in the US to non-Pixel smartphones as well.

Fun Feature

We have to give Google praise for coming up with such an innovative feature that is not just useful, but very fun at the same time. Android users are now going to be able to get table reservations at any restaurant they want without ever having to call the hostess anymore. To make things even better, this feature can also be used in order to schedule appointments with any type of business as long as someone picks up the phone.

OTA Release

As previously noted, Google Duplex is now being rolled out in the US to all non-Pixel smartphones such as Samsung’s latest Galaxy S10. Google announced that the new feature will be available in 47 states on all Pixel smartphones during the next week and that Google Duplex is also going to arrive to iOS powered devices during the upcoming future.

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