Hearthstone Rise of Shadows Expansion Cards For Each Class

The new expansion from Hearthstone is called Rise of Shadows and will be out on April 9 (10 April for Australia and New Zealand). The expansion contains ten cards for each class and 45 neutral cards. In total, you will see 5 neutral Legendaries, and 2 Legendaries for each class.

The cards were revealed in the live stream that took place on April 3, revealing all 135 cards!

As you can imagine, it’s difficult to talk in one article about all the cards, but we can review all the class-specific cards and see what mechanics we get with the incoming expansion.

Rise of Shadows – Druid Class

The Heal Druid deck will work amazingly with these new cards.

Rise of Shadows – Hunter Class

The Hunter cards look quite strong, but this class isn’t the only promising one. Those are a lot of spell-related cards, and I like that they’ve added more Mechs for the Hunter. Plus, the Deathrattle decks will surely change a lot.

Rise of Shadows – Mage Class

There isn’t much to talk about the new cards for the Mage, but they seem to work great with the two Legendaries. Hey, you could have Khadgar and Kalegos in that deck!

Rise of Shadows – Paladin Class

Paladins get some awesome cards that really make us want to play Secret Paladin again because it will surely be a thing!

Rise of Shadows – Priest Class

The Priest enemy will be very annoying with these cards, plus what he can get from the neutrals. Kibler shared a new Priest deck in his Stream, and it is a breath of fresh air.

Rise of Shadows – Rogue Class

Two words: Burgle Rogue! It’s boosted in the expansion and will surely ravage many enemies.

Rise of Shadows – Shaman Class

Murlcos are getting some more love, and it’s time to fill that Shaman deck with all the Murlocs you have. It will be a hell of a party!

Rise of Shadows – Warlock Class

Zoo Warlock will continue to thrive.

Rise of Shadows – Warrior Class

Last but not least, the Warrior class gets some more bombs and mechs, so you’re not going to use the Rush Warrior anytime soon, even though that’s what you actually wanted!

Until April 9, start concocting some unique decks and check out the neutral cards at the official Blizzard website – playhearthstone.

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