Mac Computers Can Now Be Powered by AMD’s Radeon VII Graphics Card

AMD is not in the top when it comes to GPU performance if we compare it with Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 2080 Ti. But thanks to Apple who hesitated to use Nvidia’s hardware, AMD graphics processors had the advantage. Moreover, right now AMD Radeon VII graphics card is going to be included in the macOS Mojave 10.14.5 Beta 1. On the testing done by AppleInsider, the Radeon VII graphics card is good to go regarding the high-power external GPU, but it failed with the Mac Pro tower.

What brings new AMD Radeon VII graphic card?

The graphics card is built on new 7nm architecture with 29% gaming performance boost and up to 36% higher performance in demanding content creation, besides its predecessors — also, 2.1X more memory bandwidth, and 2X more memory. Having an eGPU should be a plus for gamers who use MacBooks. Also, the extra performance and creative professionals will use the 16 GB of HBM2 video memory successfully. Let’s not forget the Hackintosh users that could benefit from the new graphics card in their devices. Moreover, the Radeon VII is glorified by tech enthusiastic claiming that it’s the best GPU made by AMD ever.

What to expect from Apple with AMD Radeon VII and the Mac Pro?

We don’t know yet if Apple will release supported drivers for Nvidia until the next OS update. We don’t know if that means that Apple will finish its relationship with Nvidia to start a new one with AMD’s new GPU’s. Also, the use of Radeon VII is an excellent example if it’s implemented into iMac Pro or the upcoming Mac Pro.

Finally, the pressing question is being put about the AMD Radeon VII, if it’s good enough to overcome complex workflow tasks like 8K editing?

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