Android Q Beta 2 Update Comes with New Changes – Rounded Corners and Notches

Android Q was released around the beginning of 2019 in the alpha build with some features like its system-wide dark mode and desktop mode.  After two months, Google has released its first official Android Q Beta for Pixel phone and the Android emulator. However, after three weeks of the initial beta, the company has released the second beta build, and it includes April Security Patches and other improvements. The Pixel versions (Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL) are enrolled in the beta program, and the official GSIs included for the users that want to try out Android Q.

What’s new in the Android Q Beta 2?

  • Screenshots with rounded corners and notches are gone – in the Android Q 1 Beta, the notches and rounded corners of a screenshot had a black space. Many people had disagreed with the feature and suspected it was a bug causing the corners and notches to look like that. This issue is fixed in the Beta 2 version.
  • The Notification Bubbles – the similar bubbles from Messenger’s chat heads, are implemented in Google’s Phone app. The bubbles are not only a chat apps features, because you’ll find other floating bubbles applications included in the phone.
  • Shared menu is improved- the complaints about the menu were about the clunky, uncomfortable to use, and being slow. Now Google is adding improvements to make it faster and easy to use.
  • The seek bar for music notifications – On the new Android Q Beta 2, apps like Spotify and Google Play Music have seek bars for scrolling through music.
  • Expandable menu for the volume – in the Beta 2 you can now expand your volume menu by tapping the gear icon without entering into Settings.

Other changes in the Android Q Beta 2 are the tweak in the Settings, the improved shared menu, the possibility to choose notification to dismiss in the left or right direction, and the navigation gestures.

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