What Will Happen to the World of Warcraft Legacy Servers?

Ask any hardcore gamer about World of Warcraft, and they will tell you how popular the game is and has been since it was released nearly 14 years ago. Blizzard Entertainment’s Warcraft universe continues to expand.

Now we are all waiting to go back in time and relive the first stage of World of Warcraft, before all the changes that were introduced along the way. But with World of Warcraft Classic coming this summer, what will happen to the World of Warcraft Legacy Servers?

Project Nostalrius

This project was first created as a private server until Blizzard issued a cease and desist letter as it breached copyright. It was one of the most successful private servers, and later on, Blizzard thought about opening Legacy servers. Nostalrius was the beginning of the legacy servers. The idea of the official vanilla server World of Warcraft: Classic was born in 2017.

As for the private server Nostalrius, it came back in 2016 under the name of Elysium Project, which one year later it was renamed as Light’s Hope, and it is now available to the public.

Back in 2017, Staden, the developer of Light’s Hope specifically said that once WOW Classic is released, their server will shut down:

“Our job will be done, as far as we’re concerned,” adding that their main goal was to make Blizzard launch a classic WOW and that it was worth it. “We look forward to getting our free time back only so we can lose it again on those servers,” he concluded.

Project Felmyst

This server was going to take the players back to the world that existed after the Burning Crusade. Now it is in open beta and players can play the game after signing up for the beta. However, many speculate that Felmyst could also be shut down because of the legal issues with Blizzard.

What will happen to these servers when World of Warcraft: Classic will be released?

Patrick Dawson, the Technical Director at Blizzard, explained that they might not be able to support legacy servers and the new content as well:

“Every time you release a patch or expansion, you still have to make sure Ragnaros works and Onyxia works, because there are people that still go back and do that. So the challenge is, how do you support legacy content while developing new content?”

Dawson also mentioned that the team at Warcraft could find a way, with the technology now available, to find a way and also support legacy content and also develop the new content.

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