iPhone SE 2 aka iPhone XE is Coming This Year, Here’s Why

Apple’s iPhones are known for delivering powerful hardware performances coupled with a premium iOS user experience. However, they are also infamous for being expensive with their prices always being a couple of hundred dollars above the market. This is why Apple has problems breaking through in markets such as China and India with its latest iPhone XS and XS Max flopping in those two regions. Therefore, Apple is changing its approach in 2019 and its planning to launch an affordable iPhone that will target mid-budget customers.

iPhone XE

The first time that Apple launched a “budget” iPhone was back in 2016 with iPhone SE. This device features the design of older iPhones while shipping with an impressive CPU and other powerful hardware internals beneath its hood. iPhone SE was a success and with that said, no one should be shocked to find out that Apple is looking to launch a second version of the device called iPhone XE in 2019.

According to multiple insider sources and rumors, iPhone XE is expected to arrive during the upcoming months and that it will ship with an AMOLED display that will measure in at 5.42-inches. iPhone XE is expected to feature a design that looks fairly similar to iPhone X which launched in 2017 while offering hardware performances equal to iPhones that launch this year.

Bezel Less Design

As previously noted, iPhone XE is going to look like iPhone X in terms of design, hence the “XE” name. This also means that iPhone XE will feature a bezel-less design. Therefore, iPhone XE is not going to be equipped with a Touch ID home button which can act as a fingerprint scanner. This leads us to believe that iPhone XE will support Face ID technology.

Price Tag

The last thing that we want to note about iPhone XE is that rumors are saying that its price will start at $600. While iPhone XE might not be the cheapest smartphone to launch in 2019, it will be significantly cheaper than Apple’s 2019 iPhone lineup.

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