iPhone 5G Phone Will Be Available in 2021

Whereas Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, Moto Z3, helped by its 5G Moto Mod, and other devices of the kind are bringing upfront their 5G services this very year, iPhone seems to be stuck and the rumors theorize that it won’t even deliver it by 2020 as it was first suggested, but by year 2021.

Speaking to the Fast Company, the claim comes from a source that says it has knowledge of the situation, and declares that the development of XMM 8160 5G modem, believably intended for the new iPhone that is set to launch in 2020, keeps missing its target dates.

Is Apple actually going to miss the boat?

The continual delays could mean that, most likely, Intel won’t be able to release and deliver the new modem in the volumes Apple needs in order to successfully launch the new iPhone 12 (or whatever they will eventually call it) in September 2020, therefore this could be the case in which Apple might remain stuck with 4G until 2021, two years after most of the other companies have released their 5G devices. The unexpected delays has apparently made Apple lose trust in Intel to deliver the modem by the time of the launch.

Nothing is for sure though as Intel responded the claims with a statement sent to Fast Company in which they say that they are going to support their customer gadgets releases in 2020 with its XMM 8160 5G multimode chip as promised. This surely shows that Intel aims to meet its responsibilities, although the statement never mentioned Apple or iPhone. In addition to this, no one actually knows for sure if Intel is producing the 5G chip for the iPhone, much less if it’s the only company that will be doing so.

Back in November, the initial claim also came from Fast Company, suggesting that Intel will be supplying the modem and that it would be ready by year 2020. What made the rumor believable is the fact that having Intel supply makes perfect sense, as Intel is at the moment the only supplier of 4G chips that matches the rank of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

The good news is that Apple might actually not rely on a sole supplier, and Intel could not be the only option out there. Apple has implied since then that it was taking into account the possibility of using modems from MediaTek or Samsung, so even if Intel is missing the target dates, Apple might be able to succeed by using another supplier.

With that being said, the UBS and site source analyst Timothy Arcuri of Fast Company sustains that neither of those companies will be able to deliver a 5G chip in 2020 either. The only other option out there would be Qualcomm, an old associate of Apple but a new collaboration with them might seem very unlikely since they have a legal dispute ongoing.

What are we saying with this is that the best option there is, is still the Intel 5G modem, but as we see, the year of arrival is unknown. If you prefer a 5G device any time soon, you’re most likely bound to look for it elsewhere.

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