Windows 7 Is Added to the Current Biostar Motherboards

Lovers of Windows 7, Biostar has excellent news for you! After for years of Windows 10 supported on the current generation of motherboards, the company has announced support for Windows 7 on Intel and AMD.

Moreover, Windows will end support for Windows 7 and security updates on January 14, 2020. Because of that, it is recommended for users to get the SHA-2 Security Update. If you own a Windows OS (like Windows 7 P1, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP 1, and Windows Server 2008 SP2), it is required to install SHA-2 on your device by July 2019. Windows is giving help to users by releasing support for SHA-2 signing in 2019. If you don’t upgrade, keep in mind that SPH-1 is weak, and can’t offer you the protection needed.

If You Wonder How to Run Windows 7 on Biostar Boards – we’ll give you some details.

If you have an Intel 300 series boards, check Biostar website for downloading the tool available. For a proper and complete installation, users must create the USB flash drive to install Windows 7, power on the system and press F9 – select Legacy Mode. After that, some more steps are needed to be done, and Biostar is helping us with a guide.

Moreover, on the Biostar website, you will find the list with over two dozen motherboards starting from the AMD 300/400 series, AMD SoC series, to the Intel H300 series. On the other hand, you will not find Windows 7 treatment for Intel B360 and Z370-based boards. Take note that some of AMD’s 300/400 series motherboards, with Windows 7 running, are limited to Summit Ridge, Pinnacle Ridge, and Bristol Ridge processors.

Finally, if you want to switch to Windows 10 because of the fuss with the updates, you can do it without fearing the cost as well. You can find the OP system under $30, or for free. If not, get the latest update for Windows 7 and enjoy your experience further.

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