Mercedes-AMG Is Getting Back in the Game with Their Black Series Tests

Mercedes-AMG has begun testing the extreme versions of its supercar in Nurburgring, after releasing the GT R Pro. After some upgrades and tests, the Black Series will be out in 2020 and will overcome the hardcore GT R Pro.

What Type of Changes Will the Black Series Have?

Some of the changes seen already at the Black Series are the revised aero package that has wider front canards that meet the lower corners of the Panamericana grille; the support brackets are bigger than the ones from GT R Pro, and unfortunately, the front spoiler lip doesn’t seem much different.

However, at the back of the car, we have some things changed. First of all, the coupe does not resemble the Pro version. A quad setup with dual tips is replacing the centrally mounted exhaust tips. The dual tips are on each side of the bumper. Also, we are expecting that the bumper and diffuser to go some changes to this model.

Moreover, we can’t forget the heart of the GT Black Series, of course. We will have the same twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 engine like the GT R Pro. The engine will deliver 630 bhp to the GT 63 S 4-Door Coupe by comparison with the two-door GT lineup that delivers 577 bhp for now. In this rhythm, we can see more power provided to the Black Series, especially the GT R and Pro models. Maybe the V8 will have more power than expected, to maintain the status of a supercar.

Regarding the weight loss, the Black Series will become the fastest AMG models ever built in comparison to the Pro and R models. Of course, the battle will still be with the  One hypercar, that has an F1 engine.

Finally, the successor of the Mercedes SLS AMG launched in 2012; the new Black series will have a high price and the availability a bit low after its debut in 2020.

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