Samsung Galaxy A80 vs. Samsung Galaxy S10 – Best Specs and Features Comparison

In the left corner, we have the Galaxy A phone collection, with its leader Samsung Galaxy A80, and in the right corner, we have the newly released Samsung Galaxy S10, one of the most imposing smartphones seen by now. But which one of the models is the most inventive in terms of new features and what difference we have between them? We will show you the features and difference between Samsung Galaxy S 10 and Samsung Galaxy A8o.

The Design and the Display

  • Samsung Galaxy A80 has a 6.7 inches display toward 6.1 inches at Samsung Galaxy S 10. This extra size is given by the lack of a front-facing camera in the A80.
  • Both Samsung’s phone uses Super AMOLED screens and has a fingerprint scanner built into the display.
  • What about resolution? Samsung Galaxy S10 has 1440×3040 versus 1080×2400 at Galaxy A80. If we are talking about the size, Galaxy A80 has 165.2×76.5×9.3 mm, and Galaxy S10 has 149.9×70.4×7.8 mm, so A80 wins here.
  • Both are coming with Gorilla Glass, but S 10 has a curved around the edges display, while A80 is flat.
  • The USB-C connection is present at both models;
  • Galaxy S10 has a headphone jack with 3.5 mm port, and the A80 doesn’t have one.

The Camera

  • Galaxy A80 has a triple-lens camera on the back that can pop up and rotate for selfies, with 48 MP the main one, 8MP ultra-wide and 3D depth-sensing snapper.
  • Galaxy S 10 has two cameras, one on the front, and one at the back of the phone. The front camera has 10Mp snapper, and on the back, we have 12 MP regular, 12 MP telephoto, and 16 MP ultra-wide lens.

The Battery

  • Samsung Galaxy S 10 comes with 3,400 mAh and wireless charging, and reverse charging.
  • Galaxy A80 has 3,700 mAh powers back that can last a day and fast charging.

Other Features and Specs

  • The A80 has a Snapdragon 730 chipset, 8 Gb Ram, and can go up to 128 GB of storage, Android 9.
  • The S10 has a Snapdragon 855 or Exynos 9820, 8 GB RAM as the A80, and up to 128 GB storage, and of course, the latest Android system – Android 9.

To sum up, it’s a bit difficult to compare the two models from Samsung, and besides that, we don’t know the price for Samsung Galaxy A80 yet. It’s up to you if you will choose the bigger Galaxy A80, or the Galaxy S 10 depending on your needs.

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