Can Anthem Be Saved by BioWare and EA?

From a recent interview given by Chris Roberts to Newsweek, we find out that with some determination and some effort, BioWare’s new plan is to make Anthem a big comeback story. BioWare and EA have a vision about the game, and they want to save it in the same way that Hello Games has saved No Man’s Sky. Even the example of Square Enix that had pulled Final Fantasy XIV from the dirt is good enough. All they need is time and iteration.

What’s the Plan for Anthem?

All the live games are built on iteration and evolution, and developers must adapt to all kind of incidence and issues along with the game. When it comes to BioWare, the company has to learn a lesson about live games. All of these lessons could be applied in the present and future of the games. The game doesn’t have a problem, the mechanics aren’t broken, but the company doesn’t know to put it back into place. In the game, we have features like flight, combat, in-game environments that work and are amazing, but regarding the scaling, loot, and RP system, well, here’s the problem.

However, Anthem could be saved with effort and maintenance. Looking at the great qualities the game is offering, BioWare must work many long nights to maintain its position of the notorious fixers they are. Also, Roberts says that he has tried the game, he has played it, and because of the beautiful features that it’s offering, he is hoping that EA and BioWare will not give up. They must improve and roll out things to make it work because the game is worthy. Of course, it’s challenging to deliver everything that works flawlessly, and the players have high expectations. But maybe BioWare and EA will do the hard work and improvement to the game and everything will be delivered like the game deserves.

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