​Combin’s Latest Update Helps you Efficiently Boost your Instagram

Instagram, with some colossal numbers of active users all around the world, has been developing with every update, and it captivates more and more companies to its user numbers. However, to achieve popularity inside the social media platform, the market offers various tools to help you succeed.

Combin, one of the most popular tool just received a new and significant update which gave it fresh features that will help users and companies organize and develop their Instagram profiles.

Advanced Filtering

The new update makes it possible to filter posts more precisely by specifying the spectrum of likes and comments that the post can have. The filtering system also has a new feature, namely “Advanced Filter and Analysis”, which engages the force of machine learning-enhanced user analysis so it detect more accurately accounts with limited interactions. The feature has new filer options as well, such as gender, language, following & followers number, and last activity.

How to use this option: just add a search and choose a hashtag to search for. You can also add other settings, for example location and the orbit around it, time of posting, count of likes and comments and so on. Also, you can search accounts amidst likers/commenters of particular posts, and search according to the bio content of users by keywords or keyphrases.

Even with these new search filters, Combin still added the “Fast Search Mode” option for those who want the search to be done in a simple and direct manner.

Data export and proxy setup

Combin 2.0’s other features have the possibility to export user lists in two distinct formats: CSV, also XLS for use with other third-party systems or apps.

The new in-app proxy setup can be also used. The system is beneficial to maintain safety and prohibit accounts from being banned, because Instagram observes the IPs from which accounts are being governed, and will ban the account if multiple profiles are linked to the same IP.

The application can be updated (for those who have it) by going to the menu tab, tapping on “Tools” and then “Check for Updates”.

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