Oumuamua to Be the First Visitor from Another Star System

After the event from 2017, when a mysterious object has passed our Sun and disappeared from view, it was thought that we had witnessed a rare occurrence. After some detailed studies, another object has been found moving to our way in 2014. It was named Oumuamua and had shine above Papua New Guinea. Thanks to new research, astronomer Avi Loeb and Amir Siraj from Harvard has discovered that another object had slammed into Earth at 37 miles per second. The conclusion was that the object was from interstellar space.

What Do We Know?

Unfortunately, the object has disintegrated before reaching the ground. Without information from the Government sensors, Leob and Siraj can’t say for sure how close the object was, or the speed it had, not even the direction. Another meteor astronomer, Peter Brown, says that it’s difficult to measure the speed, the orbits with accuracy to label it interstellar or not. Still, its existence is given the possibility to study the interstellar objects. With the help of the government system that could be improved to alert scientists about fast-moving meteors, they could detect them and search for fragments on Earth.

Furthermore, a confirmation we do have, the fact that two interstellar objects have visited our Solar system. Loeb is saying that more than a million objects are passing through our Solar system every time, and an interstellar meteor could hit Earth at every ten years. In the future, scientists are planning to use telescopes with special equipment to detect interstellar meteors that burn in the atmosphere. Studying and decoding their composition using the trails of burning gas left behind, scientists could learn more about the asteroids, comets, and about the formation of other star systems.

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