iPads Could Soon be Developed into Laptop Substitutes​

The popular Apple iPads have an abundance of computing power but the one key feature they don’t have would make them some authentic laptop replacements. However, that weak point could soon enough be history as a mouse and a trackpad support could accompany iPads with the upcoming release of iOS 13, developer Steve Troughton-Smith reported to BGR.

The allegation came after a surprising statement by Federico Viticci, MacStories’ editor-in-chief, who, mentioning numerous anonymous sources, stirred the rumor on his Connected podcast that Apple would give iPads a mouse and a trackpad support in the forthcoming iOS 13.

The mouse support would be implemented via the iPad’s USB-C port, declared Viticci, and if that will prove to be correct, the feature will only be available on the iPad Pro 11, and the iPad Pro 12.0 as they are the only Apple tablets with a USB-Type-C input. As Troughton-Smith made it clear on Twitter when asked if an ample spectrum of iPads would support Bluetooth mice, it would be pretty weird to limit the option to USB-C mice only. He added saying that he doesn’t think they would do it, for it needs to support the Magic Trackpad, to say the least.

The lack of a touchpad and a mouse on the latest iPads is limiting their capacities, even though the iPads are the the most capable personal computing devices on the market today. When you compare them with the Microsoft Surface Pro, which has a mouse, keyboard and touch inputs, you better see the difference in functionality. Even the iPad Pro, considered by Apple a laptop or a desktop substitute, is best as an additional device than a primary one.

Anyhow, we hope those rumors will be proven correct but one should be carefully optimistic because Apple hasn’t made any official announcement yet and without it, this news are just a rumor then. It is probably that we’ll hear if the rumors are true at the upcoming WWDC when Apple is expected to unveil the iOS 13, on June the 3rd.

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