Have You Thought to Buy a Surface Dial for Your Surface Pro 6?

If you are wondering what a Surface Dial is, the device is a hockey puck device with a touch sensitive. Its purpose is to detect when it’s resting on a compatible Surface display, to allow you to scroll through on-screen functions, and to do some fine-tuning with your brushes if you are an artist, or to change Settings in the art apps. If you are using Photoshop or Sketchable, you can make good use of the Surface Dial.

What You Can Do with the Surface Dial and with What Devices

The Surface Dial is a tool that can be used primarily for artists who use a lot of keybinds and shortcuts to their work. If you aren’t using it on screen, you will see that its characteristics are the same as a mouse or a keyboard. But, you will see the value of this device is when it’s placed on the screen. There’s a minus too. Unfortunately, the Surface Dial will occupy a lot of space on Surface Pro 6’s displays.

However, the Surface Pro 6 represents the best option from the Surface series, but you can always look for other devices to pair them with the Surface Dial. Of course, that’s not a problem, but the real question here is if you need a Surface Dial or not? We recommend the Surface Dial if you are a digital artist. The devices features are limited and have a small subset of the creative app. So, if you are an artist, we recommend a Surface Studio or a Surface Book 2 with 15 inches that will go well with the Surface Dial for mixing your art. If you want to have a new device, think that you can use it to control media in apps and the mouse and keyboards features, but besides this, you will have to decide if $100 it is worth spending.

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