Minecraft’s Longest Survivor in Hardcore Mode Ends 5 Year Streak [Video]

The popular Minecraft player who streamed his five-year long instance in Hardcore Mode couldn’t believe his eyes when his record was ended by a zombie baby, skeleton, and a spider who somehow teamed up and destroyed his game!

How did it all happen? Let’s see Philza’s video below.

Philza (Phil Watson) is a great Minecraft player, and in an interview with BBC News, he even agrees that he never meant to make a record, he just wanted to see how much he could survive:

“It was never about being the best or the longest, I just liked playing it and managed to survive. I started saying I was the world’s longest hardcore survivor because I couldn’t find anyone else.”

The thing about Hardcore Mode is that when you die in the instance, your instance is permanently wiped. In his search, he could not find any other players that would last more than a couple of months.

But he did survive… until a baby zombie that was clad in enchanted armor spooked him. Then, he ran away and got shot by a skeleton which pushed him into a spider.

That was an unfortunate series of events!

You can hear the 31-year-old streamer shout as he sees how easily his 5-year long streak was destroyed by these three enemies, and even he admits in the video that it was all because of him:

“Really!? That’s how I die? Oh my god, I’m […] stupid.”

Later, he told BBC News that he was just unlucky and that he had the health items to survive but was confident he did not really need them. Remember, never underestimate your enemies, especially when you’re playing Hardcore Mode!

It is obvious he was devastated about losing the progress he made in those 5 years. He even said he’s done with the game after his instance was wiped.

However, like all Minecraft players, Philza later admitted that he’s getting back to Minecraft, so get back here to learn more about his next Minecraft adventure and how he was able to survive in Minecraft for these many years!

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