The Consequences of the Volcano Eruption from Fortnite

Fans are suffering from the disappearance of one of their favorite locations in Fortnite. The eruption of the volcano from Fortnite has been teased for weeks now until it finally took place today. Unfortunately, due to this event, fans are now affected by the destruction done to the Tilted Towers which used to be a very accessed area of the game.

The start of the event could be figured out by players as they got transported to a strange new dimension thanks to the opening of a vault in Loot Lake that looks like a spaceship. After they arrived at the transportation site, they were face to face to six of the items removed in the game, they being locked in glasses. The mission of the players was getting one of them out of there in order to go back to the game. In addition to that, fans were also confused by the presence of a fancy desk. The item that was chosen by players was the drum gun even though they used to have different preferences such as the Infinity Blade and airplanes.

Thanks to their achievement, the players were free to return to the island where they were surprised to see that the sky around the map was way darker than they left it due to the massive stream of lava that erupted from the volcano. The map was covered in lava, but fans were mostly in awe of the Tilted Towers that could barely hold up. At the moment you can still see smoke getting out of the volcano.

Before the event took place, most of the standard Fortnite battle royale modes were disabled by Epic Games, the developer. Players were then forced to play The Unvaulting, a squad-based mode replacing the erased one. Instead of permanent death, this mode would feature respawns.

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