Do You Want to Explore the World with Satellite Imagery?

A new fresh setting is being introduced in the Map Style Panel of Google Earth. With this new feature, you can explore the world from above as a satellite does and 3D ground or 3D buildings from all over the planet. You will have a 3D realistic representation of cities, buildings, everything at a high resolution.  Because it takes longer to generate, you can start with the 2D satellite layer. Also, a lot of new features are being introduced to the Map Style Panel.

New Feature on Google Earth

With the new 3D Buildings toggle, for example, you can turn the Map Style and switch to the 3D mode for buildings and trees to see the most realistic representation. If you turn it off, you will have a 2D imagery. Turn 3D Buildings off and have a look at the construction of National Stadium for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo or the Victoria Bay in Hong Kong. You can see a lot of roads and buildings. Also, the 3D Buildings turned off it requires fewer data.

Furthermore, walking tours are included with the new feature. For example, you can make a 3D walking tour in Paris, France and zoom around the place. Also, driving routes of a particular area are available, and Google provides traffic information, driving navigation, and other features for planning a trip. Also, this feature can help you with preparing a tour for example, or just visiting a place; you can use it in advance for exploring the location.

Finally, Google is not offering you only ground exploration; you can take a tour of the skies too. Using Google Earth Flight Simulator, you can test a flight. Besides this, a measure distance tool is present too. If you plan a hiking trip, you can measure the length of different hiking trails. Also, you can access the weather patterns and see a map of the planet with rain, snow, and other forecasts.

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