​Walmart offers a bargain on the $450 58-inch Samsung

The strange sized Samsung 4K TV is for sale at a price of under $450 (a whole saving of $200) – but for just a while. The 58-inch Samsung might look a bit peculiar because of its size but it’s the mediocre variant you can have if a 60-inch 4K TV is a bit too big, and a 55-inch a bit too small for your living room.

The 58-inch Samsung 4K TV for sale at a lower price is one of the best in the cost-conscious under $500 trade; this without considering its screen size. This matter, however, should not come too much as a shock as this particular TV hasn’t been specifically made to be a budget item, and that is why it has the usual cost of $650.​

Because of this, UN58MU6070​ might highly outshine in various sections when putting it against other TVs at the price of $450, such as wide-scale HD and Full HD content to 4K Ultra HD, which is still pretty cool even during extreme action films.

Just like the majority of 4K TVs, this specific model is smart, not in the able-to-find-out-the-true-value-of-pi-smart, but as in it can be utilized to connect to a few streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu, with no need of an Apple TV or Chromecast.

Walmart offers its clients the alternative to pay the total sum of $450 on twelve months rates, with local sales taxes and a little interest, of course, coming out at a more affordable $44 per month.

Considering this as well, we have to say that the 58-inch Samsung UN58MU6070​ is an incredible deal a total of only $450, or $44 per month. The TV comes with a crisp LED screen, three HDMI slots, and HDR10+ for getting extra details from scenes with little light.

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