Mobile Handset Shipment Suffered a 25% Decline in Q1 2019

A new report released on Thursday said that mobile handset shipments in India had registered a 25 percent decline in the Q1 of 2019 compared to the Q1 of 2018, feature device shipments rate lowered to 49 percent, and smartphones shipment registered a growth of 10 percent.

As said by CyberMedia Research, 4G participated in 66 percent handset shipments, and 2G contributed to 34 percent.

Chinese handset brands persisted in monopolizing the mobile handset rankings, while the market contribution of Indian trademarks submerged to 30 percent during the first quarter of the year 2019.

Narinder Kumar, Lead Analyst-Industry Intelligence Group at CyberMedia Research (CMR), stated that the total market downturn was on anticipated trade for the 2019 first quarter. The CybeMedia Research’s regular stock accumulation at the end of the preceding quarter ​brought about lower shipments. The change in e-commerce laws in India also affected the vulnerable online merchandisers.

Samsung was on the top of the total mobile handset ranking during the first quarter of the year 2019, with a percent of 22 market proportion, Xiaomi following through with 16 percent, and LYF with 13 percent market shares.

Prabhu Ram, Head-Industry Intelligence Group at CyberMedia Research, said that the fact that shipments of the top five smartphone providers contributed to 83 percent of the overall smartphone shipments in the first quarter of 2019 is a quite interesting thing to note. The frantic competitive manner of the smartphone retail saw extreme competition, conducting to a successive decline by 10 to 12 percent for Xiaomi and also Samsung shipments.​

The Indian mobile phone market witnessed the quite affordable sector, $99 to around $360 increasing by 75 percent while the expense for the money sector, which is less than $99, encountered a 22 percent increase.

The premium sector, starting at approximately $360 and going up to about $720, increased at a steady 2.4 percent year-on-year.

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