​Days Gone 1.08 Update Fixes Bugs and Improves Performance

Bend Studio announced the release of a new update for their game, Days Gone. The brand new 1.08 update comes with numerous fixes for a few missions and enhanced performance. The update’s patch notes were uploaded on the game’s subreddit in a Friday post.

The patch notes are listed below.

Progression Issues

​The issue where players couldn’t save, fast travel, or pause after they set off the cinematic to ‘I’ve Had Better Days’ was fixed with the new update. Another problem regarding progression was blocking the players from finishing ‘Afraid of a Little Competition?’. That issue has been solved as well. Players might have to return all the way to where the Bounty Collector Merchant is located and go back to the task’s goal to trigger the cinematic. Finally, the glitch where players were not able to finish the mission ‘Searching for Lisa’ has also been fixed. Players that were affected by this issue will now see the ‘Mission Complete’ window appearing after completing the mission.

General Fixes

​Developers have made overall enhancements to the game’s streaming and performance. The audio desync problem while rolling cinematics have been solved. The auto-save feature will now surely save the right number of saves to your Save Cloud account. No current auto-saves have been deleted with the new update, and you can manage the auto-saves this way:

– Go to ‘Settings’

– Select ‘Application Saved Data Management’

– Click on ‘Auto Upload’

You will now be able to manage your auto-saves for Days Gone. The game should not crash anymore when you are trying to overwrite the first auto-save you have previously saved. The update’s patch notes are now retaining your Difficulty settings. And finally, but not the last, numerous bugs and also different crashes have been solved with the Days Gone update 1.08.

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