Apple’s Newly Announced iPadOS Features

Apple has announced its new iPadOS at the 2019 WWDC, a powerful operating system with a new name so it can be differentiated from the other OS. The new iPadOS is the same as iOS at the base, but it has impressive new abilities and native features strange to the large screen and adaptability of iPad.

The Home Screen has been revamped with a competent design to show more apps on each page. This means that users can now see Today View on the Home Screen, allowing fast access to widgets for a piece of brief information, including news titles, weather, calendar, events, tips and so on.

iPad users can now open two files and documents from the same app at the same time because of new updated to Split View, and can quickly view and switch between several apps in Slide Over. Another feature, the App Exposé, ​offers a sharp view of just the open windows for any application with a tap.

Besides the iPadOS, Apple Pencil has been incredibly implemented in the iPad experience. Users are now able to mark up and send full documents, emails, or webpages on iPad by swiping the app from the corner of the display.

The new operating system for iPads also accepts external drivers, enabling users to plug in USB drives, SD cards, or log into an SMB file server from inside the Files application. There’s also a new Column View with high-resolution, which allows users to operate lists. Quick Actions allow users to mark up, rotate, and create PDFs.

The new iPadOS also comes with local storage, new keyboard shortcuts, and zip and unzip.

Safari has also been made more powerful and effective. The app comes now with impressive new features such as 30 new keyboard designs, a download manager, and enhancements to the tab management.

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