Canadian Lab Working On How Heat Waves Effect Seniors

Despite precautions and all action plans, episodes of extreme heat continue to affect more vulnerable people. At the Montreal Heart Institute, researchers want to better understand the effect of heat waves on older people, to limit the harmful effects.

In the Epic Center of the Institute, an environmental chamber can imitate scorching conditions throughout the year. We can recreate humid canicons like ours, but also drier conditions.

The device, which works a little like a refrigerator, allows you to choose a temperature between -18 ° Celsius and more than 70 ° Celsius.

It is in this room that we study the physiological effects of all kinds of tools and methods to resist the heat.

Obviously the vital signs of the guinea pigs are monitored, but also their sweating. Suer can be unpleasant, but it is the most efficient method of cooling. As we age, we sweat less and less.

This change usually begins to be felt around age 45, but especially after age 65. Researchers are particularly interested in people aged 50 to 80 who suffer from heart disease.

They accurately measure their sweating and closely monitor their pulse, blood pressure and temperature under different circumstances, such as exposing them to a ventilator and moistening their skin.

Researchers at the Heart Institute are therefore very hopeful in a simple method of moistening the skin to replace sweat. How effective is this method? The researchers hope to have the answer at the end of the study, in two years.

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