T1 Tact Watch

T1 Tact Watch Valentine’s Day Commercial Debuts, Cute Smartwatch Commercial

If you’re a user of Facebook or Instagram, you’ve probably seen the latest smartwatch brand trend subconsciously.   The T1 Tact watch brand has made their quirky presence known on the…

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Photo by Milos Prelevic on Unsplash

Oceans will change color by 2100

The impact of global warming on phytoplankton will change the color of the ocean surface more quickly than originally thought, a new US study concludes. The color of the ocean…

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Raj Eiamworakul

Disable neurons to reduce pain: study

For the first time, researchers have succeeded in identifying and inactivating neurons in mice responsible for the discomfort and distress that accompany pain, without blocking the nerve signal that indicates…

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Fecal Transplantation: Not All Stools Are Created Equal

Fecal transplanting is a technique for transferring intestinal bacteria from a healthy person to a sick person. While this process is promising for treating many bowel problems, researchers now realize…

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measles outbreak worries officials

The number of measles cases confirmed near the city of Portland increased to 31 on Friday, and there are nine other people suspected of having the disease. The outbreak of…

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