Google’s Android Q Gets a Final Beta Version Before the Full Release​

Google has recently announced that it is slowly but surely heading towards a proper launch of its highly expected Android Q, as it released one more beta version of the mobile operating system, which is also the last one.

Android Q​ Beta 6 is now accessible for download for developers and the brave users who are testing it, together with the final version of the Software Development Kit (SDK) for API v29 in Android Studio. As it always happens in the last beta version before RTM, there is not much of a difference. Android Q​ is almost done, but there is still a bit of time to adjust the Back button before the official release is set to roll out.

Google stated that it had made more adjustments to Gesture Navigation in Beta 6, as numerous developers testing the version have reported issues they encountered with it. To provide a reliable and dependent functionality, there is a 200dp vertical app exclusion limit for the Back gesture, Google added. The company also said that it added a sensitivity preference option for the gesture.

The Back button in Android is not one of its strongest attire, and the absence of coherence in the last few years has conducted to applications using all types of other options for it. Indifferent of this being the final decision, or whether the people who did not complain to make an adjustment will now complain about the new optimization instead and the complete mess and fuss will start again.

Having said that, if Google decides to waste time any more, it will have to actually stop it and hurry with a solution as the complete release of Android Q is just a couple of weeks down the road. At least for the Pixel devices. However, we will find out what they’ve decided upon later in time.

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