Lucky PS4 Owners Can Win a PS VR Title

It seems that Sony is giving away free keys of a VR game which could be quite popular among fans.

PS4 owners who have an active PSN account may receive a free key at random, so the chances are quite high. Astro Bot: Rescue Mission was a hit among PS VR gamers and reviewers, who gave excellent reviews and praised the gameplay experience.

Virtual reality games have started to become more popular in recent years as the base hardware, which is required for the experience, is more affordable. Astro Bot has become quite popular among the community, and it will offer a solid taste for those who wish to take their first foray into VR games.

Even if you don’t like VR games, you can still activate it and let someone who has  PS VR accessories to come and enjoy the title on your system.

To qualify for the chance of winning a free key those who have a PSN account need to enable promotional emails, but only if they opted out at some point. The option allows Sony to send a variety of emails, and some of them could include codes for special deals and free content.

It is important to keep in mind that there is no guarantee that you will receive a key. On the forums, some users complain that they never receive good deals while others mention that they only receive invites for testing alpha versions of video games which aren’t interesting for them. It is theorized that the chance to receive discount codes will increase if the account owner doesn’t buy new games regularly.

The main aim of the promotion is to attract new customers, which have the potential to spend more money on relevant content. At this point, it is not possible to track down the exact criteria used by the company to select lucky customers.

Those who are lucky will be able to activate the code via PlayStation Store.

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