NASA Will Delay The Return of Humans to The Moon

A whole world was excited when finding out that NASA plans to return astronauts to the Moon after a break of half a century. The last time it happened was in 1972 during the Apollo 17 mission when many records were broken by the crew containing the lunar module pilot and geologist Harrison H. Schmitt, the command module pilot Ronald E. Evans, and Eugene Cernan as Mission Commander. During the Apollo 17 mission, humanity registered the longest lunar landing, the longest spacewalk, and the largest lunar samples that were brought back to Earth.

NASA initially wanted to return astronauts to the Moon by the end of 2024 with the Artemis mission, but it seems that it will be more complicated than expected.  The space agency further wanted to make the great mission become a reality by 2028, but some possible costs could delay the mission even more.

Joe Biden’s party supports the Artemis mission

Even though the Democratic party of President-elect Joe Biden aims to support NASA’s upcoming return of humans to the Moon, it hasn’t committed to 2024. This is another proof that the Artemis mission won’t happen in 2024 as we all wanted. Let’s not also forget that making the first steps in colonizing Mars will be the next target if all goes well with the Artemis program, and Joe Biden’s party is eager to offer support for such mission as well.

Going to Mars is mandatory for the survival of our species in the far future, but we must be realistic and admit that it could take more than a human lifetime to build a colony on the Red Planet. While the Moon is located at “only” 384,400 km away from Earth, astronauts will have to travel a lot more to arrive on Mars. The average distance between our planet and Mars is over 85 million km. Therefore, it takes tremendous fuel and effort to go to the Red Planet.

More precisely, the Artemis program aims to land “the first woman and the next man” on the lunar south pole region of the Moon.

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